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Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is a very important part in keeping your website look fresh and up to date. Your website is usually the first thing that a potential customer see, so you do not want it look static and unresponsive – it could drive your customers away!

A regularly-updated website can make a good impression for your customers, and it’ll also improve your search engine rankings, increase the number of visitors to your website. If your site has been designed to include an easy to use content management system you will be able to update and edit the website content yourselves whenever the need arises.

However you may no longer keep in touch with the designer of your web site, or you have no time, tools or expertise to update it further. Website maintenance doesn’t have to be a pain though; it can be really easy and simple. Let’s us handle for you.

We provide cost-effective and reliable outsourced website maintenance service for you and carry out website updates on a regular basis. Contact our specialists today!

Pricing for Website Maintenance


5-10 Pages Modification
Max 4 Times Monthly Updates
Max 10 Images Manipulation
Contract 6 Months


Monthly Payment

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10-15 Pages Modification
Max 5 Times Monthly Updates
Max 15 Images Manipulation
Contract 6 Months


Monthly Payment

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15-20 Pages Modification
Max 6 Times Monthly Updates
Max 20 Images Manipulation
Contract 6 Months


Monthly Payment

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  1. We maintain HTML & CMS web site only.
  2. Exclude programming.
  3. Updates are completed within 48 hours of the time they are received, except weekends and holidays. (Based on the quantity of job).
  4. Although we make every effort to make accurate changes, it is the client’s responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that need to be made.
  5. “Maintenance” is defined as keeping the web site current. It is not intended to be a redesign or revamp.
  6. New design work will be charged at our design rate.
  7. Content materials should be provided by client through email. Attachments should be in .txt or .doc (Word) format. Pictures need to be .jpg or .gif.